5 Amazing Ideas for Dog Hats

Embracing your beloved dog with an awesome hat is indeed a wonderful idea. We share the same love as you do. And that is why we have shortlisted some of the best hat ideas for your lovely dog.

After all, they too deserve to get geared up!

Top Hat:

A top hat is still one of the best ways to upgrade your furry friend’s fashion. Especially on special occasions. This hat features a sleek design and a custom band laced around. Without a doubt, if your pet wears a top hat on your big day, then it will not be a surprise if all the eyes get glued to your pet. Suitable occasions for your dog to sport a top hat are marriages, housewarming, Birthday, and baby shower.

Some of the top hat combinations that you can try for your pet are:

  1. A black top hat with a red lace
  2. A White top hat with a pink lace
  3. A black top hat with a blue lace

Paw-Some Cap:

A Paw-some cap is one of the trending pet-merchandise and a must have to make a fashion statement with your furry dog. One of the good picks for your dog to adorn on a casual day, especially in summers. These caps are designed with a cute “Paw” motif followed by a “Paw-some” text.

These caps have a small visor, unlike a baseball cap. Here are some of the recommended paw-some caps:

  1. A White cap, with a yellow colored “Paw” motif
  2. A peach color cap with a pale-yellow print of “Paw” motif followed by the text “Paw-some” in black.
  3. A maroon-colored cap, with pale-yellow print of “Paw” motif followed by the text “Paw-some” in white.

Earflap Beanie

If you are looking for a cozier option for your dog, then an “earflap beanie” is your go-to hat. When your pet seeks coziness, then biscuits do not help. Get an earflap beanie for your beloved dog and be ready for a “thank you lick” from your furry friend. These are generally made out of woolen or a wool-blend.

Beanies are most suitable to wear during winter days; nevertheless, your Pet will toss it across your home once it gets to those jaws!

But make sure that the beanies have an appropriate cut-out as needed for your dog’s ears to flap out.

Some of the interesting beanie color options for your pet are:

  1. Light purple
  2. Sky blue
  3. Baby pink

Pup Tiara

A Tiara hat is one of the most unique head gears made for dogs. It truly makes your dog stand out. A Tiara hat is most suitable for puppies and small sized dogs. These hats are made out of materials such as plastics, Styrofoam, glitters, paper, and metals as well. In short, these are not suitable for your dog to lick. However, if you are seeking a prop to capture one of the most memorable pictures with your pet, then a “Tiara hat” is one to not miss.

A tiara hat is perfect for your pet on a its birthday or on your birthday too.

You may check out following color options of a Tiara hat:

  1. Wonder women Tiara
  2. Baby pink Tiara
  3. Chocolaty Tiara

Aviator Pilot Cap

Last, but not the least on our list is the “Aviator Pilot Cap” for your dog. Truly an accessory that would turn your dog into a macho. It notches your pet’s style up to that of a pilot. It features faux leather exterior coupled with a faux leather lining. This cap also has the iconic aviator goggles, capturing the aviation legacy.

It is an apt head accessory for occasions such as: trekking, camping, hunting and other adventurous avenues. Some of the must have colors of an aviation pilot cap for your dog are:

  1. Black cap with grey furs and lining.
  2. Navy Blue cap with black furs and lining
  3. Dark green cap with brown furs and lining.

Do check out the hats and caps for your dog, from the above list and share with us your experiences by adding your comments.

Wish you a great time with your furry friend and hope to see you again through our new posts on dogs and more, at fashionbeagle.com.

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