6 Dog muzzles you must know about

Well, muzzling our dogs is not what any pet parent would want or like. However, sometimes there is no other option, but to slide a muzzle on our noble dog’s mouth. After all, the pets too have the right to freely rock their jaws to eat, bark and repeat!

Having said that, every dog owner must be aware of some of the most commonly available dog muzzles and their utilities. So, below is the list and description of most popular dog muzzles that one can easily find in the Pet stores:

Basket Muzzle

Its as simple as it sounds: a basket muzzled on your dog’s mouth. These muzzles are great in terms of ventilation and make it easy for the dog to breathe, slide the tongue in and out while receiving their favorite treats.

Some of our readers might be wondering that it sounds contrary that the dogs seem so constrained in those muzzles. And this perception is because we relate those net-structures of the muzzles with an evil sight of a prison or even the Bane (from Batman).

However, these muzzles are quite suitable, especially if you buy the one having soft material lining, which does not discomfort your furry friend.

Soft Muzzle

Soft muzzles are quite gentle to the skin of your dog as these muzzles are made out of breathable fabric, such as netted nylon/cotton or a cotton blend. These muzzles are used when you are not expecting/wanting your dog to open his mouth.

However, these soft muzzles could be irritating as well for your dog as they barely allow the dog to swing and rock its jaws.

Generally, people seek soft muzzle to make sure that their Pet receives all the comfort possible while being muzzled. But do not get faked by the name “soft muzzle”. Use it cautiously and if you find a better solution, go for it!

Adjustable Strap Muzzle

It seems somebody making these muzzles realized that its not all about preventing the dog from biting/barking, but to do it while being a bit gentle. Hence, the idea of having an adjustable strap attached with a muzzle saw the sunlight.

These muzzles have the goodness of a “soft muzzle” while also overcoming the demerits of it. Adjustable strap Muzzle is made from soft touch material and features an adjustable belt which can be loosened or tightened as per the need. This gives the dog owner the flexibility to tune the fastening of the muzzle to a point where the dog can eat and pant but not bite.

Things rely very much on the features of the muzzles you buy from the market. Try to by the one which lets you tailor the tightening of the neck belt as well as the muzzle.

Short Snout Muzzle

All dog enthusiasts are well aware of the varieties of snouts that we have amongst different dog breeds. One of the important and popular muzzle type is a short snout muzzle. These are suitable for (as the name suggests) dogs with a short snout, such as Pug, Pitbull, Bulldog, and America’s new favorite: the French Bulldog!

These muzzles are available in different materials, such as Nylon, rubber, plastic, leather and more. However, keep in mind that everything that is available in the market would not suit your short snout pet. For instance, if you make your French Bulldog wear a nylon net muzzle for hours, you certainly will not be your dog’s best friend from that point onwards.

Short snout pets have relatively more breathing challenges than regular dogs. On top of it, if you use a nylon netted muzzle for your dog, it would make the things even more challenging. Be mindful while choosing the muzzle for your dog.

Our recommendation would be to use a muzzle made from plastic or rubber which sift touch inside material. These muzzles generally have enough breathability and let your dog have a free walk while sporting a macho muzzle.  

Humane Muzzle

Humane muzzles are less restrictive and are less common than other types of muzzles. However, just like its name, the humane muzzles are quite generous to the dogs as they allow quite high amount of air flow. These muzzles do not entrap the dog’s snout completely. Rather, they have an open front while featuring soft touch material. These muzzles are quite useful while taking the dog to a salon or to a vet. These muzzles ensure that the dog does not snap at the stranger, but also allow the dog to have eased out time while wearing the cool muzzle.

This muzzle can suppress the barking, but some growling would still be there…😉

Custom fit muzzle

As many of us humans do not find the right fit for ourselves and end up getting our clothes tailor made, so is the case with our tail friends. Many times, as a pet parent we do not find the right muzzle for our dogs, and in such situations “custom fit muzzles” is the one to go for. Many suppliers are very well aware of this fact and therefore they generally have the required raw material in their stock, which translates into shorter lead times.

Also, in such situations we can not only get a custom fit muzzle but also custom styled ones. Like many people, you can also get your pet’s initials or name embossed on the muzzle. Whether or not your pet is able to read it, but it will identify it as his muzzle!

So, these were some of the quite common and popular muzzles one may find in the market. Whichever suits your pet or the one you end up buying, do let us know about it in the comments section below, and if you would like us to cover some other content on the muzzles or a specific content on any topic related to dogs let us know about that too.

We will be back with more informative dog-tails on fashionbeagle.com. Take care!

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